Our area of expertise is as wide as our reach across the globe. We provide services to Government Agencies as well as private sector with the same efficiency and quality.

Whether your concerns are about security of large facilities in manufacturing sectors, warehouses and storages, energy sector facilities, or access point of critical infrastructure, hotels, healthcare facilities and places of public assembly, LAVR International can address any security concerns.

Perhaps you are a busy businessperson, politician, or a public figure with concerns about safety or a threat from competitors to you or your family, LAVR International can help.

In addition to the common and accessible security services, LAVR International offers a wide variety of specialized services.

One of our specialized services is extraction from zones of immediate danger. LAVR International is able to extract individuals or groups of people from location that became hazardous or unstable as a result of local conflicts or mass state of disorder. Often, such service requires deployment of specially trained professionals and equipment to facilitate extraction.

This is especially relevant if the subject of extraction is injured, ill, or immobile. LAVR International is able to facilitate such services through use of ground transportation, air transportation as well as medical resources.

Another great asset that our clients enjoy is focused risk assessment, based on geopolitical and regional threat in a specific region. In Europe as well as Middle East, such assessment often includes a threat of terrorism. These services enhance our clients’ ability to engage in their activity safely and make informed decision about their activities, movements, and personal safety.